Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Best Holiday in the World!

So, what did I do on my amazing adventure in Australia...
Below are the highlights, but please check out all the detail I couldn't be bothered to type out again here:

Day 1: skyrail cable car over rainforest & gorge, mountain biking, stay at Pepper's

Day 2: scuba diving off Port Douglas 3 dives, stay at Thala Beach Lodge

Day 3: Eco-tour of Thala Beach rainforest & plantation, crabbing & spear-fishing with aboriginal dudes, flying fox in Daintree Rainforest canopy, then we missed the croc-spotting tour. Stay at ferntree lodge

Day 4: helicopter from cape tribulation to Cairns, scuba diving, stay at Shangri-La

Day 5: helicopter from Cairns to Cobbold Gorge & gorge boat tour up close & personal with freshwater crocs, heli ride from there to The Undara Experience in the outback. Met by good ole country boy: ├╝ber Aussie cowboy, very cool guy who runs the place. Had the coat of arms meal: kangaroo, emu, steak, croc, sausage, soup, salad, delicious! Sleep & tour of lava tubes in the AM

Day 6: lava tubes, heli ride over the outback to a beautiful waterfall & wicked gorge tour via helicopter-wow! Lunch at some ridiculously nice hotel, and transfer to Dunk Island via amphibious watercraft. Jet skiing & kayaking. Stay at Dunk Island Resort

Day 7: Luxury boat transfer back to mainland, whitewater rafting! Nearly killed myself falling out on a grade 4 rapid. Tour of Blue Sky Brewery in Cairns, stay at Gilligan's backpacker.


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