Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I woke up a tourist and became a dugong!

Here's the blog task from my third day on Hamilton.
See the original: http://islandreefjob.tumblr.com/post/103714909/greg0505

Today we headed to Daydream Island and I’ll tell you, this island lives up to its name! With mermaids awaiting our arrival and such a friendly staff, who couldn’t unwind and have a daydream or two here?

The weather didn’t allow us to sail to beautiful Whitehaven Beach, but thanks to Daydream Island’s amazing staff and flexibility, we had a memorable day anyway. There’s nothing like a little respite at Daydream Rejuvenation Spa! While I love a good massage, the Naturopath treatment suited me perfectly - it’s not every day I’m connected to electrodes! Don’t worry, there were no attempts to resurrect Frankenstein. This was the real deal and my therapist gave me some great news. The small electrical current running through my body provided lots of information about my fat content as well as my muscles’ condition. Tally it all up and I’m happy to report that my biometric age is 26! That’s five years younger – the most my therapist had ever seen! Made my day!

We went on to perform an Island Caretaker duty – Feed the Fish. If you’ve never fed stingrays or seen sharks tear fish to shreds, this is the place to go! My personal favorite was Pancake, the stingray, belching water out of the opening behind his eye… and onto me! Compliments to the chef!

Lunch was amazing! I’m seriously going to pack on some kilos during my six months here. Steak, lamb, crab, couscous, pasta, chocolate fondue, and much more! I loved it, enough said!

Lastly, we got to turn the cameras around on our media friends as they enjoyed the spa! A lovely taste of their own medicine, I say!

We took another lovely cruise home and were met by an interesting task to perform for our friendly media. Grab a bottle from the beach, find your team, and in fifteen minutes prepare a five-minute presentation on your topic. We presented on the natural wonder of the GBR! To do so, each of us became one of the reef’s many residents: turtle, groper, manta, crab, shark, and dugong. With a strange mixture of British and Eeore I somehow managed an apt dugong voice. And that’s how I woke up a tourist and became a dugong!

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