Sunday, May 3, 2009

Singapore to Brisbane to HAMILTON ISLAND

It has been quite a blur! I ran into Ben and George at the SIN airport! We flew to Brisbane, got checked in and did a little walkabout in Brisbane. It's a very cool city with a nice chill attitude. All the people we saw on the streets looked like they were just out for a nice evening. There were people of all ages and we even saw a group of street bikers not too far from a group of road bikers. Such harmony!

The weather is AMAZING! Most of the other finalists are coming from winter/early spring so it's nice and warm for them. I'm excited that it's a cool change. It's nice to need a jacket in the cool crisp autumn air. Evenings and morning are absolutely beautiful and the daytime has been equally good.

I was able to explore a little bit of Brisbane yesterday and made my way with Ben and Clark to South Bank which was abuzz with excitement, markets, and performances. Much of it was in preparation for Vesak Day. I was attacked by a water fountain. It was one of those that spout a thick stream over your head. I was being a cheeky tourist, standing under it and the pressure dropped off. I was doused from shoulder to knee! Visitors: Beward the attacking fountains!

Oh, I was even able to find some bubble tea! I love the little gelatinous globules mixed with the tea! I don't think Clark and Ben are big fans though. It grows on you, trust me. I guess it's a little like vegemite :) Don't worry, Australia, I won't eat all your Vegemite.

I knew meeting all the other Best Job finalists would be cool, but I think I underestimated the experience. Getting to know this crem de la crem, if you will, has been nothing short of awesome! I'm pretty humbled to be a part of such a fantastic group of people. It's still amazing to me that I'm here. What a tremendous blessing. Thank you, Jesus!

We haven't been attacked by media too much, but there are plenty of cameras around. They're coming from all over the world! My half-German heritage earned me an interview with the German interviewer! I suppose we can expect a lot more media as we progress. It is the best job in the world, after all :)

I'm sitting in the Virgin Blue airline lounge right now and we're about to head out to HAMILTON ISLAND! How exciting is that! We start off with a swimming test. I hope I pass!

I'll be updating as often as I can! Thanks for your prayers and support. Oh, Taylor - I'll do my best to upload as many pictures of the Great Barrier Reef as I can. Tell your 2nd grade class that "Uncle Greg says 'G-day mate!'". I love you!

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