Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today in Paradise

Good evening!
Today was amazing. When we landed on Hamilton Island we were greeted by a flurry of media! I liken it to a cameraman firing squad. There were cameras and reporters everywhere! Poor Mieko was absolutely attacked by the three Japanese TV stations that came out. I don't think the US realized how big this us-they didn't send anyone. Neither did Singapore :( BUT we'll be live to the world, superceeding all other current affairs! Hopefully your media supplier gets it's feeds from Roiters!

We had a swimming test today and we all passed. Then came a briefing of the entire schedule-WOW! This is going to be FULL-ON and tons of fun. Next came media interviews, followed by a tour of my new home :) the Blue Pearl. It is amazing and I'll get you some photos a soon as I can upload them! (I'm writing from my phone). We finished with a nice BBQ, mingling, and for Greggy, a little bit of dancing!

Tomorrow is full and it's getting late.
Buenos Nachos,


  1. Good luck! Rooting for you from Singapore...

  2. Greg, I saw you on CNA Primetime Morning! Proud of you!!! I knew exactly how you felt when I first saw this recruitment exercise and it's too good to be true!!! The only difference between you and me - U did pen in!!! And to be selected, oh my, YOU MUST BE GOOD!

    ALL THE BEST TO YOU!!! YOU WILL GET THE JOB! Keep us updated!


  3. COOOL!

    Gd luck, all the best wishes from Singapore.

  4. Rooting for ya back home - you're the man for the job - Good luck!

    C in AZ

  5. Good luck! Have fun.

    Joan from Singapore

  6. Good Luck! Hope u get the job!